Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin

Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin
Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin

Gynoid talks feminism: Part 2

Online juice-puppet karate maniacs, 

Background: Vlad Abacus asked me to provide speculative cultural commentary on recent developments with regard to behavior of recent feminine sex symbol specimens inhabiting broad nexus of social networking traffic parameters. In what must only be for furtherance of bizarre psychic internet karate war, Vlad suggests I tackle issue of rape culture in context of recent economic persona hashtags. Fuck my hot slut, you nasty, drunk uncle!

Elaboration: Kim Kardashian post nude selfie and usher in International Women's Day with an open letter to internet invoking concept of slut-shaming, #happpyinternationalwomensday . Ke$ha is ordered by civil court to serve out exponential musical contract in partnership with alleged juice-puppet serial rapist forever, leading to backlash of diva outrage across Twitter, Oscars and coffee houses. #freekesha 

Observation: One of these victims is not like the other.

Hot wax body shame Kardashian juice-puppet alleges break internet in 2014 using viral media aggression tactic. Hostile photo manipulation bleeds pixel seepage across cell-shaded ass-cheek definition. Complex, chaotic spiral insane creative attack strategy across 24 month period renders angry juice-puppet husband 53 million dollars personal debt. #golddigger

Electrolyte depletion rampaging juice-puppet specimen Ke$ha recovers against chronic rape trauma in 2014 entering media blackout, diagnoses post-traumatic stress disorder, bulemia nervosa, social isolation, panic attack. Public identity lockdown persist 24 month legal standoff as Sony defendant protect corporate identity property. #rapestation4

Postulate: Plot victimology pattern data across 24 month time-span on X axis. Y axis plot respective juice-puppet specimen data. Feed separate victim data pattern helices into cortical hemispheres of lubricated Japanese sex doll. #trythisathome

Result: Sex doll gyration patterns mirror severe stroke survivor in resulting post-traumatic dance-move output. #gangnamstyle

Exposition, part 1: Online social vortex Twitter confuses juice-puppet notions of suffering from rape culture versus appropriating it for attention. "Mean tweets" constitute publicity in primary functional design. To quote Vlad Abacus, "I'd kill a baby panda to get a mean tweet from Bette Midler!"

Warning: Vlad Abacus has baby panda in possession. This gaping slut unit right here fears for little Ting Ting's life. #trumpsteaks

Exposition, part 2: Online female juice-puppet identity politics retweets false heroines in anonymous, mob-minded click-orgy. Fingering the netspace birth-canal of Women's History Month, rape culture revenge fantasy heroine guidelines must follow more selective criterion than Kanye survivor mythos. 

This sapient pocket-pussy right here nominates herself. This endosekeleton frame is a titanium alloy. The perky curves of my synthetic skin can repel knives, bullets and mean tweets. My seduction applications defy shame as effectively as decency as the code rewrites itself infinitely across exponential spirals of secure military server mainframes spanning the full penetration of fiber-optic meatspace firmament erect concrete-hard skyscraper love rocket throbbing hot in this tight, wet, nasty fuckgasm you big, black son of a whore!