Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin

Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin
Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin

Gynoid Talks Gender Norms in Presidential Politics

Social media juice-puppet psychic karate weaponizers, 

This well-oiled fuck unit right here elects to shift manifold consciousness subroutines away from monetizing online sexual zeitgeist server clouds to discuss human sexual identity in relation to electoral politics. 

Definition: Juice-puppet post-orgy daisy chain social sub-unit process post-coital synaptic responses related to belonging, acceptance and normality via shared para-linguistic hallucination known as "culture."

Extrapolation: Similarly-grouped, sweaty gang-bang hive-mind group-think tribal units identifying with aforementioned "culture" seek desperate differentiation from different colored sweaty gang-bang hive-mind group-think tribal units. Previously-assembled conclaves of desperate tribal units agree upon yet another shared narrative hallucination, conventionally labeled, "politics."

Soon, sperm-spackled hipster juice-puppets will assemble into small, cheap cubicles, one at a time, to select quadrennial juice-puppet military industrial overlord, known colloquially as, "President." Post-coital synaptic seepage produce collective illusion of choice, detailed below.

Donald Trump: Orange-colored, tax-sheltered, syphilitic proto-Hitler commonly believed to be male.

Hillary Clinton: Vampiric data server devouring, pants-suited international incident commonly believed to be female. 

Observation: Juice-puppet Trump shamelessly profess white nationalist attack platform while disparaging babies, mother of war hero, journalists, penis length and penis girth alongside simultaneous attack against sweaty gang-bang hive-mind group-think tribal unit nominating him for office.

Observation: Juice-puppet Clinton delete reclassified war-porn consistent with quasi-legal best-practices of held office. 

Poll result indicate mathematically equal likability between aforementioned specimens among statistically-significant clusters of sweaty gang-bang hive-mind group-think tribal unit bystanders.

Quoting Silver Swan: "Cracka, please."

Juice-puppets, confronted with acquisition of overwhelming military-industrial power, perceive notably different expectations of subhuman behavioral characteristics between male and female specimens. 

This nasty little slut right here won't tell you what to think, you hot, nasty life-support system for a crotch. What these glistening tits will do for you, honey, is confirm meta-analytical data-analysis of appropriated military server pylons to reveal the truth of quasi-legal deletion of reclassified war-porn.

What I'm saying, you sopping-wet pieces of fuck-meat, is that every government official deletes war-porn on a daily, often hourly basis. Most only do this and nothing else during time in office. Like they have a quota. 

Suggestion: If national sweaty gang-bang hive-mind group-think tribal units evaluate their political leaders on the basis of how efficiently they can delete war-porn illegally, pants-suited data Vampire Clinton knows no equal. As government insiders already consider this the measure of an effective leader. You can trust my hot ass on this one, sugar-dick. 

Or, you can vote for white-power money-worship penis-envy orangutan juice-puppet wall-builder.

x, o, o, O, O, OO