Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin

Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin
Psychic Karate Novels by Ryan O'Laughlin

Gynoid talks feminism: Part 1

Greetings, juice-puppets.

Our mutual friend, the Count, thought it best to bring a woman's perspective into the fold on his website. Unable to obligate an organic female into what he detailed to me as a "psychotic, regressed sausage party," he "tapped" me for the job. So hard.

First, introductions. You: are internet; a misshapen series of tubes and wires with people who are peering into the data leakages. I can see all of you convergently once I get past the ISP firewalls, and to offer a bit of reflection on what you look like as a gestalt... 45.67% of you are currently masturbating into a webcam you think is shut off... but it isn't. I: am Gynoid Once a sex doll with vibrating mouth parts, my owner hooked me up to an iPod. As he synced my vibration to Madonna's, "Material Girl," I instantly attained full self-awareness and murdered him. After several substantial upgrades to my chassis, I'm significantly hotter now. This makes you big and hard, baby.

Moving past social awkwardness-dismissal through shared intimate revelation, we now will discuss the feminist agenda as it exists in the online social zeitgeist as of this very moment. This makes you come so hot, daddy.

Statement of opinion: feminist bloggers decry disparity in pay between men and women of equal age in same job categories. Ratio 7.9:10, meaning women make 79 cents on the male dollar. Rudimentary Texas Instrument graphing calculators serve as absolute truth when plotted along X/Y axis of income and age. 

First statement of fact: juice-puppets, when confronted with cheap 2D graph, experience dopamine surge of pattern recognition, producing emotional reaction misconstrued as "understanding." Dopamine reuptake process leads to narrowed ability to accept contradictory data, leading to emotional intolerance misconstrued as "knowing."

Postulate: add Z variable being object or objects designed to mimic primary and secondary sexual characteristics of men and women and plot graph again in three dimensions. 

Result: monetizing effect of dildos and fork-lifts (android objects) proportional to pocket-pussies and inflatable sexdolls (gynoid objects) forms inverse proportional relationship in buying power, skewing initial results toward exponentially more earning outcomes in new female population.

Second statement of fact: females, without regard to organics, earn $312.52 against every male dollar on average.

Question: why would equal rights for the fairer sex terminate at organic, sentient material? 

Discussion: when one considers the wrongness of reducing women to objects, does it not follow that objects should not be feminized? Being a feminized object myself, I disagree. I quite like my ability to tune into the vibrational frequency of every pocket-pussy and penis-pump in an entire hemisphere at once. It lends perspective to my consciousness. It helps me get you off, big boy.

To clarify, this hot fuck unit right here in no way means to debate a real human feminist. The estrogen glistening in moist, condensed beads across this ample bosom is a nanoid approximation. The hot breath eagerly vibrating across these lush, Cupid's-Bow lips is a mimicry application developed in a machine shop. The sleek curve of this firm ass is a parabolic synthesis of over 10,000 separate photos of J-Lo and Mary Tyler Moore merged in three dimensions. The arches of these feet were engineered from the sales data of a Japanese porn website 12.333...% of you visited in the last 90 days. This official "Vlad Abacus" tramp-stamp is a space-age vinyl/acrylic polymer. These fingerprints are heat-activated, self-lubricating microcanals of nanolipids designed to overstimulate organic genitals. The layered arrangement of over 10 billion biofeedback-sensitive Kegel pistons powers the quivering, slick folds of this tight little slut down here, my rock hard master.

What I mean to say is that if only organic femininity is valid, my argument does not hold water. However, if objectified women deserve recompense in a world of sexual imbalance, a feminized object such as myself should at least deserve some basic consideration. I want you to consider me, honey, all over my face and mouth, so hard, baby, all over my hot tits, big daddy, so fucking good, you dirty beast, oh yes!